Do You Know These Issues May Affect To Depression

There is no single major cause of depression. Different causes can trigger this condition in different people. However, there are some known risk factors and triggers for depression:

Family orientation: It has been shown that depression can occur in families. Studies of depressed patients with twins show that twins in a patient are identical twins, so when sharing 100% of the patient's genes, twins are more likely to suffer from depression than twins. The unexpected is 6.

Depression, bankruptcy, divorce, long-term illness, residency, employment change, retirement, redundancy, and financial distress can all contribute to depression.

A stage of depression

Although this research is not conclusive, these physiological factors increase the risk of depression.

Adverse life events can also trigger addictive behaviors, such as alcoholism, which can lead to depression.

Depressive personality disorders: Certain personality disorders or mood disorders that can lead to decreased self-esteem increase the likelihood of a person's depression.

This is known as postpartum depression because of hormonal changes in childbirth and postpartum.

Drug addiction is associated with increased depression.

Living alone, especially later in life, can lead to depression.

In many people, there is no definite cause or cause for depression.

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