Why Does Marriage Change Personality?

You are probably familiar with the theory that spouses who have lived together for years begin to resemble one another. Imagine this trend promising Harry and Megan! Science does not deny, but it does explain the development of events; Over time, a common meal and emotion engraves the husband and wife's faces and adds similar qualities. Psychologists argue that married couples who are happier in marriage tend to "mirror" changes in appearance. However, without being a scientist, it is predicted that after two years of marriage, mates may not watch the same television series or buy the same brand of toilet paper. 
They may have common gestures and phrases that do not escape the attention of friends. Surprisingly, the changes don't have to wait for years. According to a recent study published in the journal Developmental Psychology, the first year of marriage can quickly reach the lives of newlyweds. The interesting thing is, it's not just about indoor habits change. But the essence of personality is the most important thing.
"We thought a person was a static character," says Justin Lavern, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia. Yet, the results of the observations show that within the first year of family life, the nature of each spouse changes.

The essence of the research is that 169 pairs filled out surveys for the so-called "Big Five" analysis every 18 months in three stages (six months, one and a half years). Personality, external and social aspects of life are assessed by the level of compassion (friendliness, ability to agree), conscience (consciousness), nervousness (emotional instability), openness to experience (intelligence). .So, what's up with the newlyweds with only a year left in the marriage?

#She's calm, and he's more conscientious.

Last; In the third place, only good news. In relation to neural manifestations (negative, anxiety, sadness, or other unfortunate feelings); Generally, the highest marks are scored by women. This is the trend. Psychology. This has been reaffirmed. Fortunately, marriage can calm us while creating a more stable setting for the fragile feminine mood. This is the trend. This has been reaffirmed by psychologists. Fortunately, marriage can calm us while creating a more stable setting for the fragile feminine mood. Newlywed husbands tend to be more conscientious and generous. Dr LaVerne believes that marrying people follows the positive qualities of a partner, and the secret of that phenomenon is to support and encourage one another.

#She's so open, he's not so friendly

Kind spirits, common language are two things that undermine the attractiveness of marriage. Everything seems clear, lively and cheerful. But Lavern insists the first year is a serious test for social habits. Psychologists say that newlyweds tend to focus less on friends and colleagues. on the other hand; At present; Not only the desire of couples but the implementation of plans for the future also involve a shift from words to actions." That is, newlyweds seem to be looking out for each other daily as they pursue common goals more closely than anyone else in the world. Well, this alignment justifies the changes in character.

#Both mates don't look nice and friendly!

However; Lavender uses a theory that adds honey to flies: marriage is by no means a resort, and it takes time to adjust to a new state of life. Emotional, physical and financial interdependence is required to bring the couple to a level they were not aware of before. After that; Anyone can show signs of anger or discontent. Overtime; The situation will be better; Psychologists promise. But the first few months of adaptation can remind us that real family life is far from ideal.

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