Travel Washington DC

Washington, DC In the year 1789.. George Washington, the first president of the nation and the city to which the city was named, chose the land to begin with. The area adjacent to the Potomac and Anacostia rivers was chosen because it was already a bustling port for tobacco and wheat shippers. ''
Washington, DC Is a wonderful reflection of the nation it represents. As the capital of a country that is the largest "melting pot" in the world, it truly gives visitors the best view of American culture and subcultures.

Leaders around the world gather in this city to discuss and socialize business and politics. As a counterpoint, you will find activities, restaurants and attractions that provide insight and education to travelers. Discover a variety of dining options that satisfy the flavors across all tones. Where else would you like to cook Ethiopian food, catch a Washington Nationals baseball game, and walk along the Potomac while the cherry blossoms?

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