Signs that you are depressed

Usually; Depression is a pervasive psychological disorder that arises when a person suffers from physical, mental, or social impairment. Depression can make significant changes in a person's life by changing their way of thinking, feeling, and so on. Other than that; You can see significant changes in everyday life. So, guys, let's briefly examine some of the most common signs that someone is depressed.

1. Have no interest in daily activities

When you are depressed, you are not interested in many of your favorite daily tasks. Some even lose interest in sexual activity. More; Depressed people are less interested in their hobbies and social events such as parties and other celebrations.

2. You suffer from so many aches and pains

You may experience many physical complaints, including periods of depression, stomach pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and back pain. When conducting medical examinations; You may find that these pains and pains do not have a medical background.

3. Violent feelings

Usually; Depressed people have such violent emotions in their internal moods. When depression levels go up, violent feelings can turn into physical activity.

4. Reduce tolerance

When you are depressed, the level of tolerance goes down. It means that your mind fails to stay calm. When the level of understanding drops, your anger gets shorter. Additionally; You will most likely be angry or unhappy.

5. Significant changes in the sleep cycle

If you experience significant changes in your daily sleep cycle, it may be an early sign of depression. Lack of sleep, as well as excessive sleep, maybe the most initial signs that you are depressed.

6. Significant changes in weight

Because depression has a significant effect on appetite, sudden weight gain, and weight loss signals that you are suffering from depression, some people have increased desire for the period of weight gain. Similarly, some people are less interested in diets for weight loss.

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